Ways to avoid feeling degraded at airport security

Many Americans are up in arms because of new airport security measures which use scanners that are powerful enough to show your genitals, or being subjected to aggressive pat downs if you refuse the scan.

I’ve written about how security at some Australian airports means that many people have to remove shoes and belts in order to proceed through the scanners; and watching an elderly man trying to shuffle through the scanner whilst trying to hold up his now-beltless trousers, proved to me just how degrading the security process really is.

I’ve also written about how my daughter’s guide dog (who is allowed to travel onboard with her) was frisked at the airport!  He’s a dog!  He doesn’t have anywhere to hide explosives, and being a highly-trained guide dog is there to protect my daughter, not to go around blowing up planes.

Naturally, I wouldn’t want to be on the same plane as a terrorist with ill intent, but surely there should be some kind of reasonableness attached to airport security because the one thing that is understood about the current crop of terrorists is that they are of particular ethnic backgrounds, and follow particular religious and political ideals, and tend to be young males – they are not elderly, and they are certainly not members of the canine species.

The Australian Government is planning to introduce US-type body scanners next year, and is proposing that the cost of these machines will be added to air fares – so that not only will you be de-humanised, they will charge you for the degradation you will suffer.

Finally, there is a solution to the embarrassment of having a total stranger peeking at your privates.

There is a Colorado-based company that is coming to the aid of passengers.  Called Rocky Flats Gear, they have a new line of anti-radiation underwear.

The undies feature cute fig leaf patterns over the sensitive area, with the leaves made out of material promising to “block natural and man-made radiation.”  In other words, you can walk through a scanner with your privacy, and your private parts, intact.

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