Grumpy’s Getaway Guide Explained

Grumpy’s Getaway Guide is a place where we can share a common interest in travel for pleasure.

Travel to anywhere, at any time, by any means.  Grumpy reckons that travel for pleasure is exciting. There are few things more exhilarating than the anticipation we feel before embarking on a trip. It doesn’t matter if we travel close to home, to a favourite spot, or take a slow journey to a far destination, it’s fun to plan, arrange, discuss and make that journey – and the memories remain forever.

Here, we encourage discussion about destinations, places to stay, eat, shop, modes of transport, experiences, likes, dislikes, loathes and loves – and we love to learn your travel tips and tales.

Enjoy our articles and reviews and please feel to contribute stories, comments or suggestions.  Grumpy’s Getaway Guide is designed to encourage you to travel and to consider travel, to learn about new places or to remind you of places that you’ve visited before.

We try to cover the whole world and to travel by any means, with special emphasis on aviation, cruising and train travel – for no other reason than that’s because Grumpy like to travel by most means and he’ll usually try anything at least once.  Obviously it does take time and effort to put together a website that is choc full of information, so please be patient as this website will continue to grow.  There is no huge team working on this website, it is just Grumpy who slaves away over a hot computer most days to help convey his passion for all things travel related.

Because it is just one guy bashing away at a keyboard there may be some stories that are idiosyncratic, opinionated or just plain weird.  Be my guest to enjoy them, question them, agree or disagree with them and, if the information is wrong, please feel free to write a comment on that post to correct it.  Grumpy tries to be accurate, but some say that he is only human, while others may vehemently disagree that he has any humanity whatsoever.

Because Grumpy’s Getaway Guide is continuously updated you may like to bookmark this humble website, or at least subscribe to its RSS feed, so that you only read stories that have an interest for you.  With travel becoming cheaper you may even be inspired to plan a trip to one of the places that Grumpy writes about, and that’s all this site is trying to do – to both inspire and encourage you to get out there and see the world.

It doesn’t matter where you go, travel does broaden the mind, does give you new experiences, and does release you from the tediousness of everyday life.