Where in the world can you feed a Vegan?


I have a lot of admiration for people who like to make it hard for themselves.  Take vegans, for instance.  Vegans don’t like to eat any animal products: no meat, fish, poultry, eggs, milk, lard, gelatine – pretty much anything that actually helps to make food taste, well, tasty.

I could never be a vegan, simply because I don’t mind hoeing into a bit of flesh.  I do like vegetables, fruits and legumes, but I can’t see myself depending on them for all of my nourishment to the exclusion of everything else.  Given the choice between steak and tofu, I’ll go for the steak every time.  Despite what vegans and vegos try to tell you, we humans are meant to eat meat.  Our teeth are designed for ripping into meat.  Our digestive systems are designed to process meat.  Humans are on top of the food chain, and the reason why we got there is because of our intelligence – you need protein to build intelligence, and the best place to get protein is from meat.  If you have any doubt at all that meat creates intelligence, just look to the animal world for examples: herbivores, such as cows, sheep, etc are reasonably dumb, whereas carnivores are predators (lions, tigers, etc) need to plan in order to hunt, so tend to be more intelligent than the docile munching herbivores. Sorry vegans, mushrooms and chick peas just don’t cut it in the protein department when compared to meat.

Somehow I’ve digressed, but getting back into a travel mode, one problem that vegan travellers have is to source food which meets their own particular demands.  In some parts of the world meals without meat or any form of animal product are virtually unknown.  There are some parts of outback Australia where a sausage is the closest thing that looks like a vegetable.  In much of Argentina you not only get offered meat, you practically have to eat a whole cow to satisfy local customs.

Anyway, whilst scouring the internet for relevant travel information I came across a website for vegan travellers.  The site is owned by Maria “the vegan world trekker” and it is called Vegan World Trekker – Vegan Travel.  If you are a vegan or vegetarian with a penchant to explore the world, it will probably serve you well. Maria has put together an excellent site devoted to the vegan traveller.

Maria gives vegans and vegetarians tips on how to source their kind of food in various parts of the world, and she’s even uncovered a couple of travel agencies that specialise in vegan and vegetarian travel.   Maria also gives contacts for companies that specialise in vegan-friendly travel gear.  That means no leather goods, or anything made out of animals.  Which must make me a vegan-in-spirit because I usually travel with a strong canvas bag.  I think that’s probably a throwback to the days when I used to travel regularly in China; where luggage etiquette by Chinese baggage handlers was non-existent and luggage would be continually damaged.  I discovered that the crappier the luggage, the better it withstood a tour of China.

Was that another digression? I think it was.  Anyway, the whole point of this little blog is to advise you that if you are a vegan or a vegetarian, who wishes to travel, check out Maria’s site for some great information that will save you from compromising your beliefs or wishes when hitting the global highway.

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  • Wow. Thankyou for sharing. I certainly did not think about this particular issue in this way before and it opened some serious discussion for me on this topic.

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