Which Australian airline is most efficient?

Qantas has a reputation for being one the world’s safest airlines, and perhaps even the safest – although its reputation has been tarnished due to a few unfortunate incidents, which culminated in its brand new A380 fleet being grounded due to a problem with its Rolls Royce engines.

To be fair to Qantas, the pilots are so well trained that they got the plane back to Singapore without any injury or loss of life, and it now appears that the problem with the engines was known to Rolls Royce, but they didn’t think it prudent to advice Aerospace Industries, the plane’s manufacturer, nor Qantas and other airlines which use the engine, about their concerns.

Qantas also flies domestically in Australia, where it competes against its own subsidiary Jetstar, a budget airline, Virgin Blue, an almost budget airline that is trying to drag corporate accounts away from Qantas, and Tiger, and Singapore-owned airline that is the most budget of them all.

Each state also has a number of regional airlines.  Australia is a big country, and air travel is the most convenient way to get around.  Besides, Australians have always been real pioneers when it comes to flight, as proven by the fact that Qantas, which celebrates its 90th anniversary this year, is the world’s second oldest airline after KLM.

Which begs the question, is Qantas Australia’s most efficient airline based on on-time performance and the number of cancelled flights? The answer is No!  Qantas is very efficient, in fact, it is better than most of its local competition, but when it comes to on-time performance and cancellations two regional airlines, Rex Regional Express, based in New South Wales, and Skywest, based in Western Australia are the two most efficient airlines in Australia.

To be fair, Skywest operates almost exclusively in Western Australia, where the climate is so good there are hardly ever any delays due to bad weather. Both airlines are minnows when compared to Qantas, but it is nice to know that if you choose to fly in Australia a delayed flight is a rarity rather than a sure thing.

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